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Boost Your DEI Program with Inspiring Hearing Loss Advocate Pat Dobbs

Support your employees with effective communication so they can work to their full potential. Book Pat for your next speaking event.
Coach Pat Dobbs is a DEI advocate for people experiencing hearing loss.

Coach Pat Dobbs is a highly valuable resource for companies to better understand how hearing loss impacts communication, relationships, and trust in the workplace. She helped us identify best practices to be more inclusive of colleagues with hearing loss and how to be more effective as allies. Coach Dobbs is an expert that companies may not know they need, but they do! — Annie

It can be difficult to experience hearing loss when your colleagues don't recognize the need for inclusive communication.

Think Hearing Loss
is for “Old People?”
Think Again.

An astounding 12% of the workforce experiences hearing loss. If you’re not having inclusive conversations, it affects everything — customer service, employee turnover, and ultimately your bottom line.

Pat is on a mission to move people with hearing loss to a world of hearing health — at work and at home.

Why? Because when people have to hide or mask their hearing loss they…

  • Don’t share ideas with the team
  • Won’t go to HR or their boss
  • Fear being perceived as dumb, lesser, or passed over for promotion
  • Self-isolate
  • Bottom line, the work environment suffers

    You’ll be able to…..
  • Recognize an employee with hearing loss
  • Determine how to best help an employee with hearing loss
  • Keep good employees by providing the best work environment for them and their fellow employees

The good news is it’s fixable! Pat guides you through fostering an inclusive and empathetic work environment that acknowledges and addresses hearing health starts with awareness.

Before taking this workshop, hearing was so hard for me and I was so ashamed of it that I didn’t want to participate with my team. I became lonely and had a hard time performing at my job. Now I have tools that enable me to participate and contribute to discussions. — Joan

Personal Coaching

Healthy Hearing, Happy Life:
Transform Your Workplace,
Home, and Social Life

Hearing loss can create issues

Are you experiencing hearing loss?

Because hearing loss is invisible and associated with stigma, your life can turn into a vicious cycle of guilt, denial, grief, fatigue, tuning out, and bluffing.

This affects your job, home, and personal wellbeing.

Believe me, I understand.

Today, I wear my bilateral cochlear implants with pride. But, in the beginning it was torture. I hid my hearing aids and condition because I didn’t feel safe. That’s why I’m so passionate about the work I do.

Ready to stop the hearing loss shame cycle?

Now that I realize that I have a choice on how to look at my challenges. Yes, I would prefer not to have any challenges, but that’s not life. I will always find the postitives to whatever happens to me. — David

I know what it’s like to bluff, feel unsafe, and stay out of conversations. You don’t want that: for yourself or your employees.

Coach Pat Dobbs is a DEI advocate for people experiencing hearing loss.
The Nine Guiding Principles of Being Heard

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The Nine Guiding Principles
of Being Heard

Imagine a world where…

… the cost of hearing aids was affordable …

… public venues were all equipped with functioning assistive listening devices …

AND hearing loss will have lost its stigma.

This evolution happens when we release our negative attitudes about hearing loss.

I never realized why my co-worker never seemed to be on the ball or contribute to our discussions. Now I know he simply didn’t hear. From this workshop I learned how to recognize someone with a hearing loss and how to talk to them so that they hear me best. — Robert

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